Roll d20 = 10


Sword & Sorcety Adventures

Long before I'd even heard of Dungeons and Dragons, I stumbled across a pocket sized game called Melee by Steve Jackson. I gave my first copy away to a friend as a Christmas present in 1978. I went back the day after Christmas to buy my own copy along with the companion book, Wizard. Two years later, I bought Advanced Melee, Advanced Wizard abd The Fantasy Trip. I still own them. They're still a great set of rules and I ran a game briefly online last year using these rules.

Long before Jackson moved on to create GURPS, I had discovered RuneQuest and the d100 system. Many years later, after TSR sold Dungeons and Dragons to the Wizards of the Coast, I came back to D20.

I'm still playing and running sword and sorcery adventures almost 40 years later. I think I'm hooked.

Mostly I play online, but I have one group I recently joined for table-top play using the Hackmaster rules. It's old fashioned dungeoneering at its best. I love it!

High and Low Fantasy

For the most part I play in worlds that are well defined and supported by a ton of online resources. I'm particularly fond of the Hyborian Age of Conan (I slip Fritz Lieber's Lankmar and Robert Aspirn's Sanctuary in there as well), the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk, Tolkien's Middle Earth, Warhammer's Old World setting and Glorantha -- though not so much anymore. I just can't justify the ducks.