Halls of the High King

The whole adventuring thing just hasn't worked out the way you had hoped. It seemed so easy when you were a kid listening to tales of bravery and treasure around the firelight on a winter's evening. Grab a sword. Learn a couple of spells. March off over the next hill and find treasure lying around basically for the picking up.

But you've realized by now that those story tellers were either lying or they have already picked up all the treasure there ever was. Because there ain't none now!

And a body's got to eat. And going home with your tail tucked between your legs is just to awful to even think about. You'd rather turn bandit.

That's why you're here. Standing in the stable yard of the Silver Flood Inn off Kauth Alley near the river gate in Daggerford with a handful of other sorry looking youngsters, wondering if you look as young and scared as they do. Presumably they have also answered the call for adventurers to guard a shipment by sea. Details to be provided after an agreement is signed.

The offer is compelling. Fifty gold pieces for a month's service and all the rations you can eat. Plus a ten gold piece signing fee that will be given to you this morning, when you sign up for duty. For many of you the ten gold pieces will be used to pay off creditors, who lounge around as well, cleaning their fingernails with long sharp daggers.

The Moonshae Islands