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Welcome fellow traveler!

The building of, running and playing in Role Playing Adventures is the great love of my life. I've been doing this since . . . a long time ago. I've published scenarios for Call of Cthulhu and run tournaments at conventions up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I've been gaming online since Compuserve, and now I have my own web site and mobile apps for gaming.

I just love this stuff!

Here at the site, I've collected a few favorites. Some I've been working on for years. Others are brand new ideas. Feel free to explore and steal whatever you like. But I hope you decide to linger and sign up to play one of these advnetures with me. I run campaigns for groups and single players, so feel free to ask even if it's just you interested in playing.

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One Dice to Rule them All!

I started out in the 3D6 world of the Fantasy Trip (which became GURPS), and then moved on to the D100 worlds of Runequest and classic CoC. I'm pretty comfortable right now in the D20 genre. There's a ton of support material and the Open Gaming License is brilliant.