The Halls of the High King: Encounter with Lizard Men

Round 4

Round 3

Magical attacks continue to take their toll against the scaly monsters, but they are too stupid, or engraged at the their shaman's swift defeat to care about the threat posed by our heroes. The warriors move to the base of the steps as the lizard men take full possession of the foredeck, roaring in fury. Molan hulrs a javelin at one of the creatures which scores a hit. Drakyn is running to mount the railing and climb onto the foredeck for a different position.

There is time for the leading PC's to mount the stairs and face the lizard warriors on even footing, or they can wait below to receive them -- where more of their number can bring their weapons to bear.

Lizard Man A
Lizard Man B
Lizard Man C
Lizard Man D

Player Character Tokens

1: William Underbank

2: Drakyn Chard

3: Kyros Gallowspring

4: Sero Avoreen

5: Declan

6: Cathetal Ecanus Dagons

7: Molan

8: Dalmos Doldurgast

9: Amethyst

10: Dalin

11: Uriel

Purple star: Diamond -- a roc about the size of a large eagle.