The Halls of the High King: Encounter with Lizard Men

Round 4

Again the magical attacks strike first at the remaining three oponents. This round, however, the warriors mount the steps (or leap onto the uppoer deck) and strike with unstoppable force. All three lizard men are cut down, and Declan manages to shear one in half with a single blow.

A cheer goes up from the crew of the ship and the barge. Panthras is well pleased at the quality of the guards he has hired.

Lizard Man A
Lizard Man B
Lizard Man C
Lizard Man D

Player Character Tokens

1: William Underbank

2: Drakyn Chard

3: Kyros Gallowspring

4: Sero Avoreen

5: Declan

6: Cathetal Ecanus Dagons

7: Molan

8: Dalmos Doldurgast

9: Amethyst

10: Dalin

11: Uriel

Purple star: Diamond -- a roc about the size of a large eagle.