The Halls of the High King: Encounter with Lizard Men

Round 2

Round 3

Concerted attacks by magic users and Amethyst's roc, Diamond, have bloodied the lizard men and taken their shaman out of the picture. A lucky blow by one of the fierce mosntsrs has caught the roc a mortla blow, however and the roc is broken and bloody on the deck, next to the crumpled body of the shaman. Two of the lizard men have started to move towards the main deck. The one who attacked the roc is still at the side of the shaman, raising his second club for another strike at the helpless bird.

The Player Characters are surging forward, planning to take the fight tp the invaders

Lizard Man A
Lizard Man B
Lizard Man C
Lizard Man D

Player Character Tokens

1: William Underbank

2: Drakyn Chard

3: Kyros Gallowspring

4: Sero Avoreen

5: Declan

6: Cathetal Ecanus Dagons

7: Molan

8: Dalmos Doldurgast

9: Amethyst

10: Dalin

11: Uriel

Purple star: Diamond -- a roc about the size of a large eagle.