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Crypta Romana: Characters

Publius Sergius Sabinus: Finder Age: 38
STR: 15 INT: 14 IDEA: 70
DEX: 14 POW: 14 SAN: 70
CON: 12 SIZ: 14 VIT: 13
APP: 13 EDU: 15 KNOW: 75
Weapons & Combat Damage Bonus: 1D4
Punch 65% 1D3 + 1D4
Grapple 45% Special
Short sword 55% 1d6 + 1D4 Impale, parry
Leather &
scale armor
6 Light
Skills & Abilities
Bargain: 30% Civics: 40%
Climb: 29% Conceal: 45%
Dodge: 63% Grapple: 45%
Hide: 70% Insight: 75%
Own Kingdom: 50% Speak Latin: 75%
Spot Hidden: 80% Track: 40%
Equipment on Hand
Publius has been given a brass rod that allows him to act in the name of the royal court. This is not carte blanche. As a lower class individual he will risk getting the rod confiscated and himself arrested if he tries to use it overawe a patrician.
Character Description & Notes
Publius brings back escaped slaves for a living. He's a bit of a bruiser, street smart rather than book learned, connections on the seamier side of the city, never really settled down. He lives a bit hand to mouth. He has worked in the past for to Lucius Brutus, nephew of the king, who occasionally uses him to keep tabs on what is going on in court and to investigate unusual circumstances.
Publius Sergius Sabinus

Augustus Varangian: Centurion
STR: 13 INT: 14 IDEA: 70
DEX: 12 POW: 10 SAN: 50
CON: 16 SIZ: 9 VIT: 11
APP: 12 EDU: 11 KNOW: 55
Weapons & Combat Damage Bonus: 1D4
Punch 50% 1D3 + 1D4
Kick 25% 1D6 + 1D4
Sword 60% 1d8 + 1D4 Impale, parry
Medium Shield 65% 25 HP Deflects
Bronze cuirass 8 AP Medium Made to fit
Skills & Abilities
Bargain: 20% Civics: 30%
Climb: 40% First Aid: 60%
Insight: 45% Own Kingdon: 40%
Repair/Devise: 35% Ride Horse: 40%
Shield: 65% Speak Latin: 55%
Spot Hidden: 56% Swim: 45%
Sword: 60% Tactics: 45%
Track: 35%
Equipment on Hand
In addition to his uniform as a Centurion of the city guard, Augustus carries a brass rod of office which gives him the authority to question anyone (technically – the higher up the social ranks he tries the more likely he is to get his fingers smacked by his superior officers. He knows this.) He carries no money (bronze lumps called Aces) but he has a baked clay seal that he can press into wax and his legion will pay his bills – up to a point.
Character Description & Notes
Augustus was born in the 7 hills of Rome. He was raised by the Roman military. Rome chose Augustus to police its city.
5' 8", dark brown hair, brown eyes, white male, loyal to the king, 160 lbs.
Augustus Varangian