Britain in the 6th Century

The Romans are long gone -- though they ruled this land for longer than the United States has been a country. Their influence and buildings are everywhere, though getting tattered and old. From the East, the Saxons are pressing hard, seizing the land and imposing their pagan ways. Across the Severn Sea to the north, the Welsh are some times allies, other times raiders. And all along the southern coast the Francs harry the ports in their lean ships.

Britain in the Time of Arthur

In the ancient Kingdoms of Dumnonia, Arthur rules what is left of Britain in the West. Though his kingdom is doomed, right now, in the Year of Our Lord 526, Arthur is an important leader. His capital city, Camelud, built on the site of an ancient hill fort, rules a large stretch of wealthy land. Travelers for all over the British Isles and Europe visit his court to request favors and earn his support for their causes.

Arthur's Kingdom in 526 AD

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Our Story So Far . . .

July 2014
The Player Characters gather at Camelud -- King Arthur's capital city in what is left of post-Roman Britain. They have come to see the young king for many reasons. Soon he will assign them a quest -- a journey that will change their lives forever.


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