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John Vamberg of Bryn Mawr, PA

Education: PhD Geology, Princeton
STR:12INT: 15 IDEA:75
Weapons & Combat
Punch - boxing 45% 1D4
Rock Pick 25% 1D6 + 1
Skills & Abilities
Chemistry:45% Credit Rating: 55%
Geology:65% Physics:40%
Law:60%Library Use:45%
Read Latin:35% Read Greek:25%
Equipment on Hand
Vamberg is well dressed and carries at least three good suits with him. He has a bottle of fine brandy in his case and silver mounted toiletries.
  • Microscope and slide kit
  • Small test kit -- acids, bases, etc.
  • Good bok on local geology
  • Letter of credit from Philadelphia banker worth $2,000
  • $250 cash
Character Description & Notes
Vamberg thinks he should be the head of the expedition -- as befits a man of his station. He is well born, a natural gentleman and understands thoroughly why it is important to keep the Communist and Socialist elements out of the United States. He did not fight in the Great War -- war is not a gentlemanly thing to do, and he resents men who remind one another of what they learned there. The working class should keep to their station. Take that Bonner chap, for instance. He was actually a miner once and now he is pretending to be a professor at a prestigious school. What a lout!
Professor John Vamberg