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Dr. Andrew Miller of Dayton, OH

Education: MD University of Ohio
STR:10INT: 15 IDEA:75
Weapons & Combat (+1D4 Damage Bonus)
Scalpel 35% 1D4
Skills & Abilities
Daignose Disease:60% Pharmacy: 75%
Treat Disease:65% First Aid:75%
Treat Poison:60%Library Use:55%
Listen:45% Psychology:55%
Spot Hidden:45% Persuade:35%
Equipment on Hand
Miller wears inexpensive suits and carries a doctor's bag
  • 3 scalpels
  • 2 suture needles and thread
  • stethoscope
  • tongue depressor
  • strong flashlight
  • small mirror on stick
  • watch with second hand
  • headache powder
  • morphine and cocaine ampules
  • syringe & case of needles
  • gause, plaster, witch hazel, iodine, pure alcohol
In his luggage he has in addition
  • Pipe and matches
  • Tobacco
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Micropsope and slide kit
Character Description & Notes
Miller has been a dcotor for many years. He worked in private practice and got fed up with the men who used their medical skills to get rich but did little to heal the sick. He joined the Army in the Great War and learned a lot on the battle fieldss about the harm man can do ti himself. When he returned, he went into teaching. He has little time for pompous itions, but much respect for quiet men who get on with the work., He has read a lot about the bad working conditions of working men and women in the coal regions, and he wants to see for himself, perhaps even write a monograph for one of the medical magazines. He is not a Communist or a Socialist, but he is interested in the welfare of humanity.
Dr. Andrew Miller