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Solly Hutchins of New York, NY

Education: Army Corps of Engineers
STR:14INT: 12 IDEA:60
Weapons & Combat (+1D4 Damage Bonus)
Pistol 65% 1D8
Rifle 45% 1D10
Skills & Abilities
Mechanical Repair:50% Demolitions: 70%
Card sharping:65% Fast Talking:55%
Listen:55% Psychology:45%
Spot Hidden:65% Law:35%
Equipment on Hand
Hutchins wears stylish suits, though not always well made. He carries a German Luger pistol in his trench coat pocket and a switch blade in back pants pocket.
  • Small scale for weighing grams and ounzes of material
  • Cigarettes and Zippo lighter
  • Deck of cards (marked)
  • Set of common dice (loaded)
In his luggage he has in addition
  • Demolition kit: 12 sticks dynamite, 24 fuses, 2 timers
  • M1 carbine rifle
Character Description & Notes
Hutchins has a checkered past. He started out as a street tough in New York and was forced to join the Army to avoid jail. In the Great War he proved to be an expert at setting explosives and was transfered to the Corps of Engineers. It was here he met Bonner, and the two men became friends. Back in the US, it didn't take Solly long to run afoul of the law again and he was arrested for blowing the door off of a bank vault. He escaped prosecution on a technicality and left town in a hurry. He took the train down to Philadelphia and bunked with his old Army pal, Bonner, who got him a job at the Unviersity teaching miners how to safely handle explosives. He still has many underworld connections.
Solly Hutchins