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James Bonner of Pittsburgh, PA

Education: Army Corps of Engineers
STR:13INT: 17 IDEA:85
Weapons & Combat (+1D4 Damage Bonus)
Punch - brawling 65% 1D4 + 1D4
Colt .45 Auto 50% 1D10 + 2
Skills & Abilities
Engineering*:75% Contacts Army: 50%
Mining:65% First Aid:50%
Spot Hidden:60%Library Use:35%
Fast Talk:55%Teaching:45%
Listen:45% Psychology:35%
* Includes Mechanical and Electrical Repair along with a knowledge of structures and building
Equipment on Hand
Bonner wears a cheap suit and carries his gear in an old Army kit bag
  • Steel toed boots
  • Good flashlight
  • Set of strurdy work clothes
  • His own miners hat and light set
  • Sheath knife
  • Rock pick
  • Magnifying glass
  • Binoculars
  • Huck Finn by Mark Twain
  • Rain slicker
Character Description & Notes
Bonner worked in the copper mines in Colorado before the Great War. he joined the Army Corps of Engineers and was assigned to intelligence work. His experience with graft and greed in the armmed services have sickened him to the Fat Cats and he has become a practicing Socialist upon return to civilian life. He does not want to overthrow the government but he does want the miners to get decent wages and safe working conditions. He is very smart and well aware that his views are liable to get him in trouble, so he mostly keeps his mouth shut. His connections in the Army got him his job at Penn, though he knows many of the professors think him too working class to be a teacher.
James Bonner