by Rex Croceus New York City -- in daylight
Beneath the city -- in the dark

Beneath the city of New York, tunnels extend for miles. Subway systems, sewers, access tunnels, water conduits, many disused and forgotten for a hundred years or more. Forgotten by the surface world, but not by the mole people, those who have chosen to retreat from the light and live in the dark.

This adventure takes place mostly in the dark.

"They got a scoop job in Jersey!" McWhirter called over his shoulder.

Without waiting to see what effect his announcement would have on the others, he went back to talking on the phone, writing the gory details down as fast as he could on the yellow legal pad in front of him.


Dombrowski pounded the table with his fist making the coffee cups jump and teeter.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

"Why's the Captain so ticked about finding another victim?" asked Peterson, quietly. "He didn't get this pissed about the last two."

Vargas sneered at him in disbelief.

"Listen up, rookie," she hissed. "They got a scoop job in Jersey means the scooper crossed state lines. That means the Feds will be all over it like stink on shit. He ain't no run of the mill, big city killer any more, he's a serial boy: Eff Bee fucking Eye territory. They'll be along any minute now, and the Captain knows it, even if you don't. So hold on tight and get ready for the ass reaming of your life, kiddo."

Grey Matter is a Delta Green scenario for Call of Cthulhu set in New York City.

I'm looking for New York police officers, stool-pigeons, street people, forensic pathologists, social workers, and, of course, FBI agents who will be running the hunt for a serial killer who scoops the brains out of his victims' heads.

If this sounds like fun to you, send me a character concept and tell me how your character is related to the case.

NB: No PCs are Delta Green to start.

This is a work of fiction. None of the characters or situations are real. Nobody is making any money on this web site.